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29 October 2010


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I LOVE Sherlock!! So amazing!


Were reading the same book actually. Nice book lotsa adventures.


I just saw the first episode of Sherlock and while I have to say Sherlock (character) is amazing, my heart may just belong to John Watson. Freeman plays him as this very quiet dude, who-me?-oh-I'm-just-sort-of-standing-here. And of course there's a lot going on inside, but it's oh-so-Britishly contained so he's someone you're inclined to overlook.

And then of course he does something quietly AWESOME.

Cumberbatch is having ridiculous amounts of fun playing Sherlock, brilliant in a hard and glittering sort of way, high-functioning sociopath I wish you'd get it right. But of course, although he would never admit it, he really wants Watson's admiration and approval. Like, craves it. I'm still working out why.

And Mrs. Hudson is sooooo cute.


Re: Watson: YES! I just swooned on and on about him to a patron yesterday. I LOVE HIM. I love that Martin Freeman is portraying him as quietly formidable. <3.

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