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20 October 2010


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Oh...wow. WOW. I'd not heard of this one at ALL, and it sounds really cool.


Yes, Please!

I love this kind of stuff. It will give me nightmares for weeks. Merci ;)

Brooke Shirts

Oog. This has been sitting on my desk for three weeks, with me debating whether or not my pregnancy-hormone-addled emotions can handle it. (Big shock: probably not.) So, thank you. Right now I'm at the point where commercials for Disneyland make me cry, so Pod is definitely Good Book, Wrong Time right now.


Ah, yeah. I'd maybe wait a bit, there, Brooke!


Just finished this one. It lived up to my expectations, to say the least. “Room for a sequel” is quite the understatement. I can not wait.

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