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26 October 2010


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I' havent watch the OC so I don't know Oliver Trask, but do you hate him more than Michael Scott in The Office?

By the way, thank you for this incredible blog. It's always interesting and fun. And it is so not a good thing for me since it's distracting me from my study! But thank you again!


It made me so happy to see Karen Brewer on the list. I can't trust a kid with two sets of glasses anymore.

Although I do think including characters like Iago and Voldemort is a little lame. Of course we hate them! We're supposed to! I'd rather see a list of "50 most hated heros/heroines."

Also, how could they include Beth March instead of Amy?!


Yes! That would be an awesome list.

And yes again on Beth vs. Amy.

Meanwhile, I'm shocked that people hate the second Mrs. de Winter MORE than they hate stupid Maxim.

Auntie M.

You can enjoy Scarlett O'Hara without finding her admirable. Stupid list.

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