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16 November 2010


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I really enjoyed the story of the first trilogy, even though periodically the writing would yank me right out of the story and leave me going "Really?!" I thought the relationship twist in the first book was brilliant even though it got wrap up in the third in a way I saw coming a mile away. The similarities between this and the previous series have me twitching a bit, but I did really like the world, so I might give that a pass for now. Is there a love triangle? I think I could deal with another WKIHHoHTHIU/D/T, maybe, but not another lover triangle. God, I'm sick of love triangles. YAY Magnus!


Also, I'm starting to feel a little "conspiracy theory" suspicious about Great Classic Works being inserted into YA. I LOVE to read and am in my mid thirties but I'm having a hard time finding it realistic that anyone would read Tale of Two Cities "more times that she could count" if she doesn't actively teach it. I know we all have our comfort reads but Wuthering Heights? Tale of Two Cities? When I see this it always feels like "a Clever Writer's Trick" not "the Voice of the Character" to use a well known classic piece of literature to express story development.
I don't know. Am I being too critical on this point? Is my classics bias winning out again?


But Tale of Two Cities would be a pretty contemporary read for Tessa -- it was first serialized in 1859 -- and it was hugely popular. I could totally see a girl in that time period going bananas for it. (But I do think you're right in that there's been a ton of Classic Literature showing up in YA stuff lately.)


AH, OK, I misunderstood when this story was taking place - I admit I skimmed first worrying about spoilers - but yeah, right up at the beginning - year - yep. I'll totally give you this is a much more believable reference to literature than the use of Wuthering Heights in Twilight (I have that correct?).


You got it, lady.


I really loved this book. I didn't get into Cassie's first series much, so I was kind of blown away by how much I liked Clockwork Angel.

I, too, loved that Magnus Bane was in it. He's my favorite character and I squeed like a fangirl when he popped up.

And Jem! I want Jem. I honestly didn't care for Will that much.


I was COMPLETELY rooting for Jem until the Sydney Carton thing happened. Then, all of a sudden, I developed mixed feelings.

: Will had better have some serious demons (emotional, not literal) to have been such a complete jerk towards the end, there.


Was someone looking for a girl who reads and rereads "A Tale of Two Cities" as a comfort read? *raises hand* :D

Yep, I'm pretty sure a guy with parallels to Sydney would make me weak in the knees.

Jen Jen Bo Ben

Ahh...so Cassie is now plagiarising from herself in addition to Buffy, Red Dwarf, Harry Potter, etc, etc. I guess we can all just be grateful she's not writing Ron/Ginny incest stories anymore!


Gina: I've got to say, after finally reading it last year, I totally get it. TOTALLY.

JJBB: I've never read any of CC's fanfic, but I read some about the controversy back when the first trilogy came out -- I just took a look at the Wikipedia discussion page, and it looks like it's still being discussed. I hadn't realized that it was still so contentious.


Jace was a ripoff of her characterization of Draco in the first place, right down to the scene with the falcon or whatever it was. Whatever, I have no problem with authors re-using the same archetypes as long as they do it well. I haven't read this one, though.

(For the record I liked the Ron/Ginny story.)


I love that this conversation has happened.
You all had the same thoughts I did. I had a Moment when the ToTC reference came up, and thought of you, Leila.

Also, I agree with Chrissy about the sudden uptick of classic lit into YA fiction. Sometimes it works... and other times, it's like a biiiiig stretch. Fortunately, this worked.


I didn't really like the City of Bones, because I hated all the characters. Clary, the helpless damsel in distress. Simon, the pathetic crybaby who loves Clary. And Jace, the complete a**hole. Huh. But... in Clockwork Angel... JEM~~ (fangirl squeal)the best character EVER. And Tessa, who is pretty cool. And Will... who is EXACTLY like Jace in every way except that he reads and that he. is. BRITISH. And also MAGNUS BANE!


I hated Simon in the first book -- but he grew on me, and by the end, he was one of my faves.

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