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12 November 2010


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After reading your review of the latest book I went about trying to order the set from Penguin publishing for my library. The second book is only available in ebook format right now! I'm beyond aggravated.


That's odd -- the paperback of Book Two is available at Amazon, so I don't know why the publisher wouldn't have it...


Oooh, I actually like those new covers for Cornish's books! Normally I hate when a series gets a new cover (like with Stephen Hunt's Jackelian books, or Scott Westerfeld's steampunk series), but I really like those news ones a lot more than the old ones! (I will admit that the old covers are what's kept me from reading the series. Now I don't have that excuse anymore, so!)

It's weird that Josh spray paints the covers, though. because it ruins the books! Why not just cover them with one of those book sock things? Or maybe book socks aren't manly enough. Hm.

Brooke Shirts

I'm guessing he doesn't spray paint the spine, right? Because otherwise, how would he tell them apart?

Or why not just cover them with brown paper? That's the classic 1960s underground-publishing technique. (Which I employed whenever I was embarassed to take a gaudy fantasy cover into my undergraduate courses on Narrative Theory and the like. Silly 19-year-old me.)


Yeah, I think the new Cornish covers are LOVELY, as well! (Though it's sad that there wasn't a way to incorporate his illustrations somehow.)

Brooke: Sometimes the spines get painted, sometimes not -- and sometimes, HE JUST RIPS THE COVER RIGHT OFF. Maybe I can convince him that a brown-bag cover would be wicked punk rock.

Anastasia: I welcome you to try to give him a book sock. Actually, I double-dog dare you to try. If you can get him to use one, I will bow down to you in COMPLETE AWE!


I'm not so interested in cover art, I just wanted to thank you for your decision to show Flora some love.


Flora = "floaty"!! That's exactly what I was thinking but couldn't find the words. It's like a book about fairies or something (not that there's anything wrong with fairies but that is ssooooo not what Flora is about!)

I might be loving Josh a little bit over all this. Seriously.


Josh is onto something. I swear, if I could spray-paint all the covers of Michael Owen Carroll's Quantum Prophecy trilogy, I might actually get a kid to read it. Those covers are THE WORST.

I liked the original Monster Blood Tattoo covers, AND I liked the original series title, but paradoxically, I did not like the books! By the middle of the second book I thought there was too much world and not enough story. While you're at it, re-do the cover of Hamburger Halpin. Nobody can figure out what that book is from looking at the cover, it's not doing the book any favors.

Happy weekend!


Oh heck, Colleen, now Josh is walking around the house saying that the two of you have a secret lurrrve and that no one understands it.


I am a saint.


This whole conversation just cracked me up, I swear.

I did like the original Monster Blood Tattoo series name, if only because it was so attention-grabbing. The Foundling's Tale seems more generic to me, somehow. I have liked both sets of cover art. Just finished Factotum, by the way, and will be posting a review of that and giving it some love.

The best thing I can say for the Flora Segunda cover is that I like the title font. Other than that...it really doesn't do the book justice!

(Eagerly awaiting my copies of Explosionist and its sequel...)


Meanwhile, I'm trying to get D. to read The Dark Days of Hamburger Halprin because I thought it was cute.

"The cover looks too... I dunno, Middle Gradey," is today's whinge.


Liz B

Flora's cover looks like an eight year old is about to discover a magical land of sparkly fairies. Which, if Flora was such a book would be great. But..... it isn't.


Are the Quantum Prophecy books good? I've never actually looked at them because the covers didn't do it for me.

I also like the original series name of Cornish's novels. But at least the publisher is trying to do something new to sell this series to more American readers.

Gail Gauthier

I liked the Monster Blood Tattoo/Foundling series, too, and wrote about Factotum last month http://blog.gailgauthier.com/2010/10/story-of-boy-and-woman-who-loves-him.html. The books are demanding, though, if they aren't getting as much attention as some of feel they should, that might be a factor. While I like the new covers very much, I don't know that renaming a trilogy with the last book's publication is doing it any favors.

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