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23 November 2010


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I did know, but I hadn't seen a picture before. Impressive! (Is it just me, or does he look a little like Robert Downey, Jr.?)


It isn't just you, as this was the conversation Josh and I just had:

Me: Check it out.
Josh: Wait... who is that...?
Josh: Oh, Lloyd Dobbler! Who is he, Sherlock Holmes?
Me: No! Edgar... ignore the sneakers...
Josh: POE? Oh, that could work!

My GOD, we are so boring. I'm horrified that I just typed all of that out.


Ooh, Cusack looks very Poe-esque - slightly removed, definitely depressive - ! He finally found a role that really works for that that slightly lugubrious face of his.

And if you're boring, I'm geeky. I mean, LUGUBRIOUS? And that's the first word that came to mind.)


I LOVE the word lugubrious. (Also, I should warn you that Josh is still mulling over revenge...)


That is AWESOME. Haha.

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