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08 November 2010


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R. J. Anderson

I agree with this comment, and your Kirkus review, 110%. These books are wonderful, and while I understand not everybody is going to be interested in such lavishly detailed worldbuilding or patient enough to learn the Half-Continent's unique vocabulary, I believe that D.M. Cornish is the most scrupulously and prodigiously imaginative fantasy author since Tolkien. Yet without being in any way derivative of Tolkien, which is where many similar attempts at worldbuilding have fallen down.

My own copy of Factotum is muscling its way through the post to me at this very moment (I can't say "winging", as no book with 800 pages in it could possibly be considered light enough to wing!) and I am adrool with anticipation. I love Rossamund. Europe fills me with glee. I crush on Sebastipole. I too would be gutted if this proved to be the last story of the Half-Continent!

Maureen E

I am SO excited! Eep! I'm also #1 on my library's hold list. I would buy my own copy, but I'm sadly poor at the moment, so it will have to wait. But I can't wait!


YOU are the BEST.
This book should be talked up EVERYWHERE.

Christy (A Good Stopping Point)

I have not heard of this trilogy but it sounds intriguing and that cover of Factotum is gorgeous.


I am so, so with you on both the Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy and Davidson's Explosionist--awesome, awesome books that are criminally unknown.



This is one of the few book series that my husband ADORES. He wrote to the author to tell him that he was enraged that an article he read declared it "Victorian Steampunk", when in my husband's opinion "it's clearly Baroque Biopunk." Mr. Cornish was amused.

Sarah, not Sarah

Explosionist sequel this month!!!!! ::flaily hands::

(I'm looking forward to it, can't you tell?)


That cover is amazing - Jenny should have covers like that on her books. Although it does defeat that whole argument that a cover can hold you back because if something this pretty is not getting attention then the world is a wrong wrong place.

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