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10 November 2010


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Maureen E

I loved the recent miniseries, so I'm having a hard time seeing how this could possibly be better. BUT! I am willing to be hopeful, even if this is from the same people that made the Keira Knightley P&P.


Well, I like the look of it. Hope it's good.

Christy (A Good Stopping Point)

I've seen a number of film adaptations of Jane Eyre and the recent miniseries was the only one I've liked so far, but I'm excited by the trailer for this one.


Same people as the Keira Knightley P&P? Ah, that explains why the scene which should be set at night, in a thunderstorm, is obviously set on a pleasant, sunny afternoon.

Reserving judgment.


I'm excited for this solely because of the cast. Michael Fassbender? Mia not-even-going-to-try-to-spell-her-last-name? Yeah, I'm *so* there.


This looks awesome!! Can't wait to see it.

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