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10 November 2010


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Please tell me there were also brownies involved. That's a lot of boxes to go through without brownies.


The brownies came later, but I *did* make them. And they're awesome.

I should know, as that's what I ate for supper.


In my own boxes! Looking for my own Explosionist!

Because D. is such a Cornish fan, however, we know where all of our Monster Blood Tattoos (I INSIST upon the original name) hide out, mainly because he just reread them.

Hmm! Some of us in this household think we have read all that Sir Conan every writ... must see if these Supernatural Tales have been seen before...


I love Denise Mina! Ach, wee hen!


I would like to spend my next vacation in your attic.


Please may I live in your attic? Just the Streatfeild, Wodehouse, and du Maurier would keep me happy for weeks.


That attic rocks, seriously!

I feel like such a geek that Jenny's book was right on the shelf, in abc order. The Cornish though...crap, I don't think I even got the Cornish books. (eep!)

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