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09 November 2010


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vauge spoiler warning

I never understood what was up with the statue thing. Is it actually understandable?


I just assumed that Mr. Cain was in stasis, Waiting Until the Right Moment Arrived. As far as I could tell, nothing was ever really explained. Which is something that, while it makes sense, and is in keeping with the information that the characters were privy to, could definitely drive some readers bananas.

Amy @ My Friend Amy

I didn't really like this at all. Your review is much kinder than mine would have been. I was, well, bored. If I hadn't been reading it for book club I wouldn't have finished.


Oh, I had my issues, but overall I dug it -- but I like quiet-spooky, so it was a good fit. I totally see why some people haven't liked it.

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