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24 November 2010


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GARY OLDMAN? Seriously, has Catherine Hardwicke even read Little Red Riding Hood? Does she even know how it goes?

::helpless giggling::

They're right: this movie is going to be AWE-SOME.


Thank you. That little essay made my morning.


I saw the trailer yesterday and it really looked like Twilight! Too bad because I like Amanda Seyfried.

Maureen E

I know, right? An LJ friend of mine posted the trailer and a friend of hers commented to say that she was super excited. So I edited my first desire to go, "WTF! Are you kidding me?"

But seriously. WTF! Are you kidding me?

Kelly Fineman

It looked a lot like Twilight - so much so that a friend's husband asked if it was the trailer for Eclipse. She thought he was just being clueless, but I understood where he was coming from!

Angela H.

Uggg. Billy Burke (Bella's dad in the Twilight movies) is even the fifth listed actor on the IMDB page for this! People are also all over the similarities between the two in the discussion boards there.


Ugh, did anyone who worked on this even READ Little Red Riding Hood? Looks more like Twilight than anything else, tbh.

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