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06 December 2010


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Yay! Knew you'd love it :D

Ariel/Sycorax Pine

I was castigated by a friend (in print, in the university newspaper, no less) for my tepid response to "American Beauty" when it first came out. It wasn't a very coherent tepid response (just a creeping distaste for how earnestly hard the film was trying to be an art house picture, rather than just being one), but I've never felt the need to watch it again.


It's a good debut novel, isn't it? This is one of the few contemporary YA novels that I really liked this year.


Well, okay. But it sounds an awful lot like "Groundhog Day" to me.


See and I really enjoyed Beautiful Creatures. And didn't really care for Before I Fall. The writing was excellent but I got really bored after a while and wish it only had 5 days rather than 7.


I enjoyed Beautiful Creatures well enough (more while I was reading it than after I digested a bit), but it definitely would have gone over better with me if my expectations hadn't been raised quite so high.

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