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28 December 2010


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Maureen E

Wait, wait, wait. A book cover with PERIOD CORRECT CLOTHING? Wonders will never cease.

And yes, I'm adding them to my TBR list solely based on this. I'm shallow and nitpicky like that.


Maureen, you never have to apologize for being shallow and nitpicky here at BoD. (I mean, not that you did. But you sounded vaguely apologetic, so I thought I'd throw this out there...)

Maureen E

Well, it's good to know for the future!

Costume history is one of my hobbies--Housemate S. and I are working on a major project involving making both of us outfits from 1838-1841. So the wildly inaccurate book covers out there drive me batty. Very nice to see something right.


These are amazing books. So well researched and just well, wonderful. I can't wait for the next one to come out!

(And BTW how did I miss this post! ugh.)


Thanks for sharing! I love seeing what goes on behind the scenes with cover design. I'd love to get into it someday myself!

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