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03 December 2010


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I'm going to ask my sister to make me one for Christmas! (plock plock)


Make me one without the wings.


If that wasn't a beautifully crafty reference to Pickwick and Jasper Fforde I will be very disappointed.


I friend pointed me to this post. I'm adding your blog to my reader straight away because we are so obviously on the same page re. Pickwick and Bella. Strangely enough I bought a dodo amurigumi (sp?) pattern as a stocking stuffer for my sister (who crochets) a few years ago. She didn't get my not-so-subtle hint.


You know I thought the same thing about Vampire Knits making fun of it on several occasions, then I saw it in the store flipped through it so I could laugh some more and then realized if you ignore the vampire crap there are a few really pretty non-vampirey pieces in there. I went home and thought about it and about a week later bought it. It's like the worst concept of all time though.


Oh, MAN. I need to learn to crochet. That's just ridiculously cute.


What?! You're NOT going to knit one of those blood-dripping scarves from the book for your husband to wear?!!

Sarah I.

That. Is. Awesome. Must unpack my crocheting needles...


Then the only other thing you'd need to make your life complete would be a ticket to an audience participation show of Richard III. Well, that and a prose portal.

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