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06 December 2010


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Read Nicholas Nickleby instead.


Erg, no, no, no. No Oprah Read-Along.
Let's switch authors... um... howzabout Virginia Woolf? You might like Orlando.


Also? It sounds like you live with Tigger. A bouncy, trouncy, Kokopelli-beer-swilling Tigger.


Yeah, it's hard--as a real reader, not just a few books a year reader--to read an Oprah book pick. But, I must say, I have liked some of her choices. AND, I really respect what she has done for reading. She's out there, man, saying she likes to read and putting her money where her mouth is.

Nic Dempsey

I struggle with Dickens but Our Mutual Friend or Bleak House are both fantastic.


I'm no Oprah fan, never have been, and probably will be, but she just got bunches and bunches of people buying Dickens books. A Dickensblogger can't help but be grateful for that. :-) When you spend your life hearing, "Oh, you like Dickens, huh? I was FORCED to read him in school and it RUINED him for me forever," well, you'll take whatever help you can get!!


Oh, don't get me wrong: I have huge respect for what Oprah's done for reading and books. And I think it's awesome that she's gone for some really old-school classics. At the same time, I still have that weird knee-jerk Dammit, I Don't Want To Read An Oprah Book feeling. I should probably just get over myself, but... eh. There are other Dickens books, and plenty of time to get back to Great Expectations.

Also, it should be noted, Tanita, that Josh is once again plotting your downfall. (I'll give you a heads-up if he ever gets past the plotting phase -- I do think this is the closest he's ever come to actually commenting on my blog, though!)


I giggle-- I am not the only one who avoids reading Oprah Book Club Books! And of all Dickens books Oprah picks for her Book Club, she picks the one I quit reading because the main character got on my nerves too much! This all fits together nicely!


Oh, I feel your pain. Yes, I appreciate what Oprah has done for reading...but I still can't read an Oprah Book Club pick!


(Make that "probably NEVER will be." Whoops!)

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I dunno . . . last year's Oprah books almost always end up in pristine, unread condition at my local thrift store for $1 a pop, something that I heartily take advantage of. Call it the Trickle-Down Theory of Readonomics, or whatever. Thanks, wannabe readers!

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