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20 December 2010


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My vote is for the Penderwicks!

Thanks so much for your description of The Story of the Treasure Seekers---I tracked it down and found I could download it for free on Feedbooks right onto my phone. Can't wait to dive in!

Kate F.

The Melendy family, by a long shot! I feel like I HAVE spent Christmas with them; the one in The Four Story Mistake is so ingrained in my brain.

But I have to admit, I'd want to eat with the Wilders, wouldn't you?


Shawn: Nice! If you like The Penderwicks, you'll definitely like Story of the Treasure Seekers -- and if you haven't read Elizabeth Enright's Melendy family series, you'll like those as well. (The first one is The Saturdays.)

Kate: The Melendys were on my shortlist -- I adore them, too -- there were so many that I couldn't fit 'em all! (The Martin family from Maureen Johnson's Scarlett series, DWJ's Howl & Sophie, etc...)


My choice...however unoriginal...would have to be the Weasleys. Just the amount of chaos I love around the holidays! :)


Fair enough -- the Weasleys do have excellent celebratory skills!

Will Stanton's family, from the Dark is Rising series, would be another good one.


I've been meaning to get to that series...I guess Christmas break is as good a time as any! :)


I second (third?) the Melendys. Second choice: Anastasia Krupnik's family. (Especially the parents. They're the cool laid-back kind of parents whose kids can actually be obnoxious sometimes.)


So hard. I love all the picks, but I think I'd have to go with the Armitages, and make sure I was there on a Tuesday.


The Bastables, the Melendys, and the Derkholm clan are all very high on my list, but up at the top are the Moomins--for summer vacation, though, since most of them would be hibernating at this time of year.



And Anastasia's family would be a great one, too, as would the Moomins.


I second the Weasley's-I seriously want to be adopted into their family somehow!

I'd also love to spend the holidays with Claudia, Jamie and Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler if it means I get to solve a mystery and stay in a museum! Plus, Mrs. Basil just seems so fun!!


The Weasleys, of course! And maybe the March family? (Although I bet it would be frickin' freezing in Orchard House.)


The Weasleys would be fun, but I've always wanted to go to 2 of the parties mentioned in A Christmas Carol: the party hosted by Fezziwig and the one hosted by Scrooge's nephew Fred. Such fun!


[psst...this just occurred to me...how about the Austin family from Meet the Austins? although i'd still prefer the Weasleys, I'd love to hang out with the Austins too.]


The Austin family is a good choice. Although I never could get into the later books about them, I still have a soft spot for the first one.


The Austins make me all warm and fuzzy. I need to re-read those.

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