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03 January 2011


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And I'd take vampires, werewolves, fairies, elves, dancing pigs, goblins, angels, and mermaids all in one book over yet another YA post-apocalyptic dystopia. Heck, I'd even take another emotionally abusive sparkly vampire over another dystopia.


Heh heh. Yeah, dystopias were actually #5 on his list.

I'm pretty over zombies.

I mean, I really liked Rot & Ruin, but that was less about the zombies and more about the western.


I agree. I'm SO sick of this supernatural thing. I was so happy to see vampires fading away, but now we have a lot of angel books and other weird things are coming into power. I actually like the current Dystopian trend. So much of what I want to read this year is in that genre. I think we're also about to see a rise in darker fairytales, and I love fairytale fiction.


Um. Don't fairytales, by their very nature, have a supernatural element?

I like the tide of YA Fantasy and SciFi, even if a lot of it is bad. When I was a teen there was very little of that genre around to read and I appreciate that current teens have the opportunity I didn't. I'll certainly take fantasy (even bad fantasy) over the mean-girl-chick-lit craze...

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