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04 January 2011


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Hotel managers have complained . . . *snicker*

I loved this installment and agree with you on the title change and the "real-working-through-issues." It was maturely and entertainingly done.


I was keenly anticipating this book - maybe that was a mistake. Because unlike with the similarly-anticipated Silent on the Moor, I was really disappointed. Lady Julia completely fails to "make note" of everything she must do later, Portia isn't smug and hilarious (she's somber and resolved?!?), we can't see Portia and Julia meet Jane's husband (in yet another of Raybourne's awkward social scenarios with conversational sparring and veiled insults) because he's ALREADY DEAD, and the supporting characters fail to be interesting or historical. The writing itself seems crude (rushed?) and the plot's twists rely on absurd revelations. Like, really? Brisbane's dad happens to have set up his latest gambling scam right up the road from Jane?

Call me a whiner if you like, but go back and read the first three chapters of Silent in the Sanctuary to compare the previous Raybourne standard to this mess.


I refuse to read anything that has a faux-Twilight cover.


I hadn't noticed that this book was available but will now look forward to reading it.


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