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09 January 2011


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I was a big X-Files fan, but I've never necessarily been a big David Duchovny fan (if that makes any sense) so I've never read any other interviews with him and wouldn't know if this sort of thing is just normal for him. Still, I can't help but wonder if maybe he was drunk or high or something. Or joking, and the interviewer didn't care or didn't notice.

If it was really all meant seriously...that must be a pretty long list if it includes Garry Shandling, Woody Allen, and everyone in the Twilight movies. Maybe he'd have been better off just saying, "I would go gay for anyone. Name a person, I dare you. I will tell you, with a straight face, that I would go gay for them."

Jim Randolph

Yeah, wasn't Gary Shandling in an XFiles episode playing and actor playing Duchovny? (Or was Duchovny on Shandling's show...?)


I believe he's referring to a very funny episode of The Larry sanders Show in which Duchovny seems to be flirting very heavily with Larry (Gary). Episode is called Everybody Loves Larry.

Jill (whatchareadingnowgirl)

I just found your blog...lovin' it!

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