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06 January 2011


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Auntie M.

Hmm. Bell says:

"This is about changing one word (or 236, depending on how we count) in Huckleberry Finn and two in Tom Sawyer. It doesn’t change the book’s plot, characters, or themes. It doesn’t affect any other editions or copies already on shelves."

But over here:


Roger Sutton points out just exactly how the loss of that one word (or 236) does indeed change the book's plot, characters and themes.


Yeah, that's something that people (and JLB) are discussing in the comments.

J. L. Bell

Roger Sutton points out that that previously bowdlerization of Huckleberry Finn didn’t just replace one word with another; it excised whole sentences.

But even that editing didn’t change the book’s plot.


J.L., thanks again for starting (and hosting) such a thoughtful discussion about the issue -- if anyone hasn't read the comments section on that post, it's well worth it.

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