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11 February 2011


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Part of me, I have to admit, is thinking "COOOOOLLL!" just at the sheer spectacle and weirdness of it all. The other part is vaguely nauseated.


I was going to say, I have very little sympathy for people "forced to sleep in." I am more concerned for those forced to get up early...


Sarah, have you looked at the website? There are tons of other themes, some of them pretty fun -- I almost linked to the Treasure Island one, but I didn't like how the jacuzzi was just plopped in the middle of a room. It looked kind of uninviting. The deck of a ship doesn't exactly scream "cozy".

Eric, but you agree now, yes? I just imagine all of the spouses/significant others who've been dragged there. And possibly doused in glitter paint. SCARY!!


Ha, I was just making a joke about sleeping in (ie, sleeping late). Because where you placed your ellipse made is look like you were against it.

Glitter paint. That's just wrong. On any number of levels.


...the cross is there because the Cullens have a gigantic cross on their wall, too. It was made by Carlisle's father in the middle ages.

Yeah, SO GLAD I've retained that bit of trivia. I'm sure it's not replacing other, more important information in my brain!


Allison, THANK YOU! That was driving me bananas, as I could identify the reasoning behind pretty much everything else.


Do we get to rip up the pillows and wake up with feathers all over us?

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