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02 February 2011


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Diana Peterfreund

FWIW, I did not ask for my books to be removed "in support of fellow authors." I asked that my book be removed because it is clear to me that if they can take one line out of context and use it as grounds to accuse a book of "internalizing negative stereotypes" then they could certainly do the same for my book -- you know, if they ever read it.

Which I doubt they did, since, if they had, they would have the same problems with Rampant.


Well, who even knows. Maybe they'd have had the same reading of that plot thread that I did... until someone else said differently.

Danika the Lesbrarian

Err, are they planning on constantly updating it? If not, how is it going to "evolve and change"?

And I highly doubt anyone who censors or bans a book believes that their particular case is censorship.


Maybe, that way, they can change it whenever they feel like it, and no one will squawk?

And, yes. In pretty much every single book challenge article I've read, the challenger says, "I don't believe in censorship, BUT..."

Sara Kelley-Mudie

To sum up: "We are standing firm in our waffling. And we will respond to requests, except when we don't."

I know plenty of people who have served on national and state level committees to create lists of recommended books; this takes a LOT of time, and they take it seriously. Heck, I AGONIZE over the creation of my summer reading list, and I don't have nearly the audience for it that Bitch Media does for what they create.

To lazily slap together a list like this, without being prepared to defend your choices, is inexcusable.

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