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25 March 2011


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Dear Leila,

Your "Dear Delirium" letter threw this book off my reading shelf!

Thanks for the mess,


P.S. Just kidding,your review is so funny ;)and I hope your Miss Lemon is well after the oven incident! ;)

Angela H.

I read this last weekend, and I am sad to report that the plot did not become any less predictable. Even after having read only a smattering of YA dystopian books (five or so), I could also see where the tropes were going too quickly in this and the world building was weak. As expected, the writing was very good, but there was nothing to differentiate it from the pack. And most bothersome to me, there were description fails like the sun setting over the ocean that faces EAST (not west, as it should for a sunset). :(


I read Matched and this back to back, and I was so much happier with Delirium. Give it some time, then come back to this one.


When you're read to read me again, I'll be here waiting. You'll love me someday. I know you will. I'll be here waiting for the day we can finally be friends.

Love, Delirium


*ready to read

Delirium was my favorite book of 2011 so far. I can see why you can't read it atm, though. When you're ready, I hope you'll love it. Such a good book! Besides, if you wait, that means less time until finding out what happens next, right? Especially in a trilogy...

I hope Miss Lemon is healing nicely!


Just did this one in book club and really enjoyed it! I think the Portland local was also a big plus for me personally :)

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