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28 March 2011


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Maureen E

Crap. Now I'm crying again.

I said this somewhere else, but I'll say it again: other authors I love have died before, but this one hurts. And I have to admit that I thought of Donne almost immediately myself.


"and they've also made me wonder how much of the magic in her books was invented, and how much she actually experienced. Because it seems, from reading these essays, that Things Happened When She Was Around. That, possibly, she was secretly related to Joan Aiken's Armitage family."

--THIS. Very much this.

Sarah I.

Ye gods... *sob* I found out through Maggie Stiefvater's blog only this morning. Gratefully out of the loop for once... I haven't felt this cut up about an author's passing before...I was going to say: and I haven't even read half her books - but actually that's a great thing, come to think of it. Although before I read a new-to-me one, I have to reread Howl's Moving Castle. Like, right now.


I've been rereading her books in memory. I've never been so upset by an author's death, but of course I've never loved any other author so much.

I was in 6th grade when I read Witch's Business, and it's the only book in that school library that I can still tell you where it was.

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