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31 March 2011


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Dolly is a genius. On many levels. Love her music.

Especially here in Tennessee, for doing this: http://www.imaginationlibrary.com/usa/howworks.php.



Oh, I know it.

I've written people off for being snarky about her -- I don't, like, pitch a huge fit and storm out of the room or anything, but it's always hard to look at someone the same way after they've badmouthed her. (And usually, it's just badmouthing of the, "UGH, why would you listen to HER?" variety, when they probably wouldn't be able to identify any of her songs other than "9-to-5". Let alone her voice.)

GOSH. I *am* feeling feisty today. Maybe I should eat something.

Auntie M.

I love how she gets her little clogging steps in there.


Y'know it's unbelievable to me that she's almost as old as my MOM.
She still sounds like a kid when she talks, to me.

And okay, I'm one of Those People who usually doesn't go out of my way to find country music but I think Dolly Parton is adorable. And I wish I could clog.


I've never heard that song! I love it. Yeah, the poor girl is headed for disaster, but it's so happy...

R. J. Anderson

This reminded me of another deceptively sweet-sounding "Marry Me" song, by St. Vincent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxKu96AntW4 Half the people in the comments don't get it and the others are all, "Uh... I don't think you REALLY want your girlfriend to sing this to you..."


Thanks so much for posting this! I hadn't heard it before, but man, is Dolly Parton awesome. She's just a brilliant musician.

Sheryl McFarlane

I must admit to liking rather than loving Dolly. I do love her voice, and her phenomenal song writing ability, and she's incredibly generous with her wealth...but her "added parts" rather put me off. My daughter (a mere 30 year old babe in the woods) is crazy about her and became an even bigger fan when she and some on-line friends met up last year in Dollywood. Maybe I just need to get my butt down to Dollywood.


I was raised on country so I remember Dolly from waaaay back - like Porter Wagoner time. (Hell, I knew why she wrote "I Will Always Love You"!) I have adored her my whole dang life; I thinks she is one of the most inspirational and creative people we have in this country. She's awesome.

Have you seen her video for John Lennon's Imagine? Normally I would be ill over a remake of this song but Dolly does some magic with it and the video is gorgeous.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW1H0u4s2yQ

Her gospel music makes me believe in everything - which is kind of a miracle unto itself.

Sheryl McFarlane

I grew up on her too, Colleen...Porter Wagoner as well, but I hadn't seen her "Imagine" video. It really was quite special. Thanks.


Hands down BEST concert I've ever been to was Dolly. She's amazing. I'd always been a Dolly fan, but after seeing that show, I'm a Dolly freak. And you're totally right, that's relationship is doooooooooooooooooooooomed.

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