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08 March 2011


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"Black T Shirt" is my current favorite. Reminds me of some very specific kids I used to know.

I've also come to the conclusion that what I like most about his songwriting is the very specific feel of cheerful pessimism. It's very Greek.


Yeah, I was planning on posting that one today, actually -- and I had a similar reaction. It feels like this perfect description of so many kids in my high school, and I wondered if people from other parts of the country would have the same reaction -- if, in other words, what I was thinking of as Maine-specific was actually more universal. (Within the bounds of our culture, obvs.)

And yeah, despite the Bringing The Melancholy, it's not a downer of an album. Because some of the music itself is upbeat, of course, but also because there's a lot of hope in the words and in his tone, too. He's really good at emoting -- conveying a different emotion that you'd think he'd be describing, or a combination of different emotions. I dunno. Not everyone can do that. Not many even make the attempt, I think.

Well, I certainly went on and on there, didn't I?

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