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25 April 2011


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Maybe she sounded younger than 16 because today's 16 year olds sound much older than 16? ;-)
I'm not big into historical fiction, in fact I try to avoid it, but I enjoyed this one. I think the non-emotional tone is a product of the Science. And yes, this is written in journal format, so she would have had time to reflect and think about what she wanted to say instead of blurt things out passionately.

A few times I thought, okay, c'mon, when she would get so offended by a boy saying hi to her, but it was a different world back then and I think Chibbaro portrayed that well.


Yeah, this is a case, I think, of "It's purely a taste issue". Most of my problems -- except for the occasional historical reenactment feel -- with the book could easily be chalked up to personal preference, rather than Actual Flaws.


Have you read "Typhoid Mary: An Urban Historical" by Anthony Bourdain? Although it's not YA fic, it is thrilling and well-researched!

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