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24 April 2011


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Wendi Gratz

Nice! When we decided to finally get all our books up on shelves we realized there was just no way. We decided to keep only books that we would reread or recommend to someone. That still filled more bookcases than we had walls for, so we built a loft in our dining room (where the ceiling is double high) and filled it with an additional 18 feet of 7ft tall bookcases. We did a little more culling and NOW every book we own is sorted and shelved. A very satisfying task. . .

Edward Champion

Very heartened to see that you have the same two volume Maugham short story set that I have. :)


Very nice shelves! I am jealous. I have about 8 bookshelves in my house already, but, judging from what still remains in boxes and stacks in various places in the house, I could use a few like yours.
Did you design these yourself?


Oh, how I love thee! I currently have about 12 plastic bins and numerous cardboard boxes full up with books in my garage, and stacks all over my living room. They're patiently waiting for my husband to build them a home.


Ed: That's actually Josh's set -- seven years into our marriage, and we're finally interfiling our books. (These things take time!) It'll be especially fun when I can add my Brautigan and Bukowski and Aiken to his... but I think those are all still boxed up at my father's house.

BR&EN: Josh and I talked about it some, but he was the one who designed & built them: there's a crown molding on the top that I didn't get in the picture, but they look great -- and he's thinking about doing another one off to the side to house some (some!) of our mass-markets.

Wendi & Grrl: Josh has been playing with the idea of building an entirely different building for our books -- or at least the ones we aren't currently using. Someday, it could happen!

Electric Landlady

I love how many of these I can recognize just from the spines! (But surely you don't have just the two Sarah Caudwells?)


Oh, I've got them all, but they're in a box somewhere -- the books on these shelves are a mostly random assortment from the stuff that's been piling up in the living room!


thats just lovely! I wish i had more room to keep my books out of the garage and out of boxes...
question: how are they being organized? author? genre? title?


Right now, by author. When we're able to get more of them out, we'll need to do the nonfiction by subject. And the picture books will get their own section. But I like to shelve chapter books on up through adult stuff together, all by author. Partly because some authors cross over and partly because I read it all, so why not shelve it all together, you know?

But I always reserve the right to the occasional High Fidelity day in which I tear everything off the shelves and rearrange. It's been known to happen...

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