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28 April 2011


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I'll be seeing this for one reason: the Baroness is a big fan of the Harry Potter stuff. It's also the one reason I watched any of the movies in the first place, which lead to me reading the books when I ran out of movies, which lead to me being epically disappointed when I got to the last, awful entry. I had hoped that the time constraints imposed by a film version would result in a leaner, less awful entry that would best the book, but once they announced they were splitting it in two I lost that hope.


Oh. That does look pretty rad.

Diana Peterfreund

Interesting. I loved the movies (haven't seen 7.1 yet because it came out at the same time as the baby) but this trailer left me completely cold.

My favorite of the books (and movies) is still 3. I don't remember much of 7 -- a lot of tent-sleeping and something about a wand.

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