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04 April 2011


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I know Telep has edited a number of adult paranormal romance anthologies (have even read a couple) but has she ever edited any YA anthologies? I wondered about this because in that rather odd first "apology," it seemed as though she was assuming YA anthologies don't include LGBT stories. Which simply isn't true, and makes me wonder how familiar she is with current YA fiction and trends. If she doesn't really know YA literature, why was she selected to edit this anthology for teen readers? Because of her track record with adult romance readers, which is a different audience?


That publisher comment makes him sound like an asshat

Angela H.

@kgruver: Yes, Telep has edited paranormal anthologies for YA audiences before and through this same press. Her previous titles were /The Eternal Kiss: 13 Vampire Tales of Love and Desire/ and /Kiss Me Deadly: 13 Tales of Paranormal Love/. The most recently published one, Kiss Me Deadly, even had a story in it that had side characters in a fem/fem relationship, so Telep's recent "concern" over a same-sex romance seems perplexing (along with being offensive and exclusionist).

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