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22 April 2011


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Really cool! However, Utah's looking embarrassingly bare. Don't we at least get Edward Abbey? And some of my favorites are left off: Fife should have Ian Rankin, and Edinburgh should have Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. And why is George MacKay brown in northern Scotland instead of in the Orkney Islands where he lived and where he set almost all his poetry? The Orcadians will be miffed at this snub, I can tell you.
Oh well, they got Edwin Morgan, who's definitely one of the coolest poets ever.

Thanks for putting this up!
Now we just need one with YA authors only. Are you up for making that?


I am buying both of these. Right now.


I think we should start using these in real life. Then I'd get to say, I'M FROM JRR TOLKIEN.


I'd love to see a childrens' authors version.

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