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19 April 2011


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And, of course, the tops of their heads are chopped off! Why, oh why, must designers chop off girls' heads on book covers? Do they ever chop off guys' heads on book covers, or is this some misogynist trend only?
Does this bother anyone else, or is it just me?


It's also the same picture on B&N's Northanger Abbey



I found a great one by accident in a bookstore last week.


Look familiar?


I've read the first one in the series - The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte. The plot is cleverly intertwined with actual events in Bronte's life and there is a swoon-worthy hero. However, the plot is pretty ridiculous and I find it harder to suspend disbelieve when a historical figure is involved. Also, Charlotte's siblings are super annoying. But that may very well be accurate ...


Sounds promising, despite (or because of?) the ridiculosity. I'll keep an eye out for it.

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