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29 April 2011


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Maureen E


Okay, maybe I'm weird, but I usually am apprehensive when I hear about film deals for favorite books, not excited. And in this case...nope, I'm going with "Film adaptation? What film adaptation?"


On a hopeful note, at the end of the newer audio versions of the series, Orson Scott Card talks about this and how dedicated he is to working with a filmmaker who sees how important the ages of the kids are to the story.


Well they say in the article "slightly younger than those in the Hunger Games" and "just entering their teens"

However I do remember them being *children* in the books...


Of all books that should not be made into movies ever, this is the one. Just, noooooo.

Jennifer aka yabooknerd

at least 10 years, if not more.


Ugh. I'll be really disappointed if they push the ages up -- I recall OSC saying specifically that the reason that the Ender's Game had NOT been made into a movie yet was that every studio wanted to make Ender old enough to have a love interest, when he is supposed to be like, 6. And that he (Card) wouldn't make a movie that changed the ages of his characters, as those ages were important for the tone of the story.

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