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30 April 2011


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I once had a checkout person at a used bookstore look at the pile of books and manga I was buying and say, as he was adding everything up, "Wow, you're a big nerd, aren't you?" The store is two hours from where I live, so I only got there maybe a couple times a year, tops. If it had been someplace I went to more regularly, I would have gone to management to have a chat. I kind of wanted to anyway, but by that point I just wanted to leave. It's too bad good, non-judgmental customer service is not actually a given.


Ugh, lame. Retail is a hard job -- I worked it for years, so I generally have a pretty good handle on the daily crap clerks have to take -- but sometimes I'm horrified by stuff that I overhear. This place, though, is special: It's a joy to go there, and it really seems like the employees genuinely like working there.

And I just realized that I didn't mention -- and this is key, so I can't believe I didn't say it originally -- that the cashier said the bit about the Judgement-Free Zone in response to some crack *I* made about my truly embarrassing purchases, so he was trying to make me feel better and comfortable and stuff. He also told Josh that he liked his style, and was basically just all-around-adorably-nice.

Auntie M.

In the words of the immortal Luke Spencer: "The thing about judgment, cupcake, is it's a boomerang and sooner or later, it comes right back and smacks you in the face."


I LOVE Bull Moose, too. Have you checked out the expanded store in Scarborough with the book section? Went there last month when they had the Maine YA authors there for a signing. Found lots of goodies!


I haven't been yet, though I keep meaning to go, like, every weekend! It's going to have to happen soon.

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