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12 May 2011


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Did they stare at Josh pretending that the dead mouse did not exist?


Gah, creepy and gross!

I'm pretty sure my parents' cats wouldn't have even known what to do with a mouse had they found one, but I figure my cat would happily slaughter it and play games with its internal organs. Since she has no access to mice, her hobby is finding live crickets and poking them until all their legs fall off, at which point she finally puts them out of their misery. I love my kitty, but she has the heart of a happy sociopath.


They are all masterminds, didn't you know? Our cat apparently always had something going on when we weren't at home, he wasn't that good at hiding dusty paw prints. As long as nothing started smelling bad we didn't worry too much. However, he had really bad hunting skills so we never worried about dead mice.... Best of luck.


Dead Mouse Trauma chez nous, too. And my husband is on a biz trip so the kids and I were alooooooooooooone with the deaaaaaaaaaath. At least this time the kitties were proudly circling it like fuzzy little Roman Centurions rather than trotting around with it IN PIECES attempting to put fragments on my bed -- last time Yoyo was all "look what I got you!" and seemed irked at my standing on a chair and shrieking like the living stereotype I am.

Jacqueline Ogburn

Are you sure they aren't part of MacCavity's gang?

Auntie M.

I love this story so much.


You've seen this, yes?



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