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09 May 2011


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Hah. Titus was energetically trying to kill one of my shoes this morning and so (with great trepidation) I visually explored it with great thoroughness before putting it on. (All clear)


Hah! Phew.


Oh, poor you with the dead creatures. I love the cats' way of telling their humans they're too stupid to feed themselves. "Here, let me HELP you..." Munched up crickets and defeathered birds are on the menu...

Will be listening for Josh's girly shriek.

Sarah I.

Oh yes, the fun of a killer cat. Last summer mine were allowed outside pretty much unrestricted, and the gifts in various stages of aliveness were legion. 1/2 a snake was a particularly good one - head still wriggling! :)

Beth Kakuma-Depew

Organic, local, this is the best of natural cat food. Yeah for your talented kitties!

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