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10 May 2011


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Maureen E

I loved the first book and loved this one more, which I don't think came across in my review at all (note to self: don't write reviews when you should be in bed). Cassel is just such an awesome mixture of tough and tender. And I agree, Sam can just be my BFF, because he is great.


Oh, YAY!! I liked the first book well enough that I thought the second might be somewhat disappointing -- and while I know you read far more mysteries than I do, while I can't say that I was blindsided by everything in White Cat, I was shocked by how Black Holly just left the emotional sucker punch there. Just - wham, and she ended the book. A lot of YA authors don't do that - there's that "kernel of hope" crap we're all taught. (okay, okay, it's not really crap. But...) So, I was impressed with the crafting.

NOW I'm impressed that she somehow doesn't have mid-series slump, you know how the second book is usually just a bridge book? Wow. I need to study the "how" she does things a bit more. I'm looking forward to this book. (And lastly, may I say that the UK cover is MUCH BETTER than this one. Why must we always have the faces!?)


Ooo, the UK cover is CREEPY. I like it!

I was glad of the sucker punch in the first book, too. It's an element I think is really important to the noir genre -- the hero generally is left unhappy -- and I wonder if that's why we don't seem much traditional noir in YA? There are some contenders, like What I Saw and How I Lied and Gentlemen and Dooley, but you're right in that they all have that ray of hope that the end of White Cat avoided.

So, yeah. Red Glove is totally, totally *not* merely a bridge book -- it moves the broader arc along, and it's a gamechanger, but it's a story unto itself as well.

My lips are sealed about the ending, and now I'm *dying* for you to read it.


I just finished White Cat for one of my book clubs, and I love love loved it. I've never read any Holly Black before, and I'm jazzed that she has some fun-looking stuff to dive into.


Okay, I just read Red Glove (and your review) and agree with Tanita about liking White Cat and being vaguely worried about Red Glove. But, WOW, this book totally delivered.

re: book two problems in general, I wonder if this is because we're so used to (especially in YA) paranormal/fantasy/science fiction trilogies in which there's one big story arc (in terms of action/plot) that runs through all three books. And this, on the other hand, is paranormal noir that reads more like a mystery series than a paranormal/UF series. I mean, there are recurring characters, but the basic mystery at the heart of each book is resolved, and what keeps us wanting more are our feelings for the protagonist and their tangled emotional relationships.

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