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05 May 2011


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Hahahaha. I haven't read The Host either but some people have tried really hard to make me read it. Which I suppose is only fair since I was the one that made them read Twilight, but maybe we shouldn't remind them of that?


I hate Twilight but I have read The Host & like it. Give it a try. It really is way better.


I agree that The Host is better than Twilight, if only because Meyer's voice fits a book from the perspective of an alien better than it fits a book from the perspective of a teenaged girl.

But. It suffers from the same failing as the Twilight books, in that the romance is so completely, absolutely unhealthy it boggles the mind. I wrote up a blog post on the book, and one of the things I mentioned was that it didn't seem possible for both beings (the main human character and her alien parasite) in the main characters body to have good survival instincts at the same time. I was ok with one of the love interests, but argh to the other one. And Meyer seems to have a thing for underage girls being paired up with older guys.


I'll go on record. I liked THE HOST just fine. :)


I also thought The Host was way better than Twilight. Totally would recommend it, although I don't remember the underage girl with an older guy now, so maybe I should re-read... It's been a while.


My husband, who would not touch Twilight if you paid him, read The Host. I'm still not sure why. He said it was about twice as long as it needed to be, the story was good, but it was full of FEEEEELings.


@Whitney - Mel was 17, Jared was 26. Not a huge age difference, but I was a little bothered by their first meeting (he kisses her but doesn't have sex with her because she's so young). And then there's the body that gets used at the end, the girl who looks way younger than her age of 16 or 17 - I didn't really see why Meyer couldn't have just had her be a 20-something who looked younger.

@Jean - I agree with your husband on the length. I wonder if Meyer's editor was afraid to suggest cutting things out?

Beth Kakuma-Depew

It's science fiction chick-lit. So yeah, I liked it, too. I just hope she doesn't write a sequel. I liked Twilight, too, before the sequels...

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