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06 June 2011


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Chuck Wendig = My Hero.

My response, from FB: Some teens have an appetite for the grotesque that far exceeds what they may find palatable later in life: I think it's part of the violent process of differentiating themselves from their parents. It comforts them to read fiction that mirrors their internal melodrama, savage fantasies, and occasional feelings of desolation. But there's also plenty of Rosemary Clement-Moore, Anna Godberson, David Levitan, E. Lockhart, and John Green - to read on days that aren't so bad.


I don't know. Jeez. I'm not sure what I find more distasteful -- the generalization of the article or the constant hysteria in the YA community at every opportunity.

Dark is on shelves right now because it sells. I like contemporary YA. I don't see many new contemp YA authors getting book deals right now. That sadddens me. Everything is fantasy or dark or dystopian. But those tides will turn, just like they always do. What will not turn, seemingly, is the constant willingness of the YA community to get their collective panties in a bunch over jack sh*t nothing.

Account Deleted

I've posted a reply on my humble little blog. I think I've laid out better there than I could have in the comments here, if someone wants to check it out!!! :D :)



The ladies over at Forever Young Adult have a great response as well.

Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons

Hi, I wrote about the WSJ article today:

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