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06 June 2011


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That is simply devastating. It's such a cornerstone of Harvard Square!


Sad. Boo.


I'm so much sadder about this even than I expected to be.


Yeah. I find I'm even feeling nostalgic and sad that drunk Harvard freshmen will have to walk all the way over to the Harvard Book Store to read obvious children's books to each other on their first dates. "The Little Prince is SOOOOOO DEEEEEEEEP."



Leila, could you tell us more about how you honed your reader's advisory skills? I bet some of your loyal blog readers (like me!) would love a post about that! I'm sorry to hear about your bookstore.


Oh, that is so depresssing! When I was living in Boston, that was one of my absolute favorite place to be. :(


Ack! Globe Corner Bookstore (which is right downstairs from my office) and now Curious George? This is depressing.

Natural Childbirth

Kind of reminds me of the feelings I got watching "You've Got Mail." It is sad to see something classic fade away. Sorry girlie.

Sarah Price

NO! No, no, no, no, no! That's my favorite bookstore! It's one of the only real bookstores left! And they carry the Andrew Lang Fairy books! And all the best illustrators! How can they close? Whenever I'm in there, there are always a bunch of people actually buying things (besides me, obviously). I think I'll go cry now.

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