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09 June 2011


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Well, I'm glad to see that the book is there, but I'm wondering if the school decided to revisit their name-calling standards as well. If the kid got suspended for teasing or pestering, that's fine; but if they have a policy against using horrible words like poo poo head, then they have a dumb policy.

I'm still wondering which it was that the parents were protesting.

LM Long

This is so fantastic- I understand why the parents are so upset, but seriously, get over it already. Has the thing been "blown up" enough? Absolutely hilarious.

LM Long

*Hasn't. I was giggling too hard to write properly.


Whaaaa? It can't possibly be that he got suspended for using the term poo-poo-head. I'm thinking he used the stronger term for which poo-poo-head is a euphemism. Or maybe they left out the part where after the insult, he picked up a chair and whacked the head in question. What happened to "Sticks and stones..." and all that blather that people usually try to brainwash kids with? I can't believe the teacher/school skipped over a lecture and went straight to suspension.

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