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04 June 2011


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Awww, you sent Joshie to sleep away camp!
Does he get to bring his gun?
(He's gonna put an eye out with that thing...)


I think it makes you really awesome! I bailed on a brunch for tomorrow in order to read. :)


Dude, of course it makes you awesome! :D

Mary Ann

I totally scheduled my hours so it wouldn't interfere with my social plans but my friend made so much fun of me I gave up a few hours to go see Bridesmaids. :)

Ms. Yingling

It makes you awesome in the same way that missing a retirement get together after school and my 7th grader's school dance so I could read makes ME awesome. You're preaching to the choir on this one!


Awesome, totally awesome! I've bailed on all sort of things and don't feel one bit guilty.


1. of course it makes you awesome that you chose an anti-social reclusive activity over being with people. i know because did the same thing.
2. you know what? Josh sounds awesome. pantsing is funny - especially when the pantsee is rinsing bean sprouts.


Really awesome!

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