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29 June 2011


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The Chicago Manual of Style still endorses it! (It's called a serial comma in their book, of course.)


Then they will have to be my new favorite.


I completely sympathize. You don't run the last 2 things in a list together when you're speaking! So why do it when you're writing?? Bah.

Monica Edinger

You do know Vampire Weekend's wonderful "Oxford Comma"?


Hayley: Right? Right? Ag.

Monica: I do indeed. But I didn't embed the video because I was just too depressed.


I agree that the Oxford comma is a wonderful thing and should not be ditched! I will continue to use it no matter what. They can shove it, stick it, and suck it.


I am right there with you, lady.

Monica Edinger

I also will say I'm now even more a dinosaur than ever because I too love the old thing.


Screw you, Oxford! I will keep using your comma anyway, so there.


Yeah, forget that, we need our commas. It looks awkward, weird, and strange to leave it out.

Angela H.

I second your NOOOOOOOO! I will continue to use it, love it, and respect it, no matter what they say.


From my cold, dead, and grammatical hands!


It's been gone for years now on that side of the pond. If you read books published in the UK, the punctuation can drive you nuts.
When I did my MSc at the University of Edinburgh, several of the instructors insisted upon British punctuation and/or spelling. The British spelling doesn't bother me much; I can write grey, theatre, and favourite and be okay with it. (Please note the correct use of the comma in that sentence.) However, British punctuation drives me batty. I hate leaving out that comma. And I LOATHE using single quotes (excuse me; I mean "inverted commas") with the period (uh, "full stop") OUTSIDE the quotation marks instead of INSIDE where it bloody well belongs.
I am calmer now.
I can assure you that every English teacher on our side of the pond I know still teaches the correct use of commas.

(monkey) steve

This is the worst news I've heard today. I think a clever and quirky Etsy T-shirt of protest is in order. I'm looking at you Leila.


BR&EN: Uh oh. I totally prefer the period outside of the quotation marks in some cases. (As you may have noticed.)

Steve: I may have to break out my stencils.


Sad news indeed; this comment thread, however, almost makes up for it.

(I don't really believe in punctuation at all, of course. Magiscule letters, no spaces and no punctuation at all. That'll sort out the sheep from the goddamned goats.)


Well, it is still there when necessary for clarity.


This angers me.


Oh, Oxford! Are you TRYING to break my heart??


Well guess what Oxford? Just because you put your name on it doesn't mean you can take it away.


It looks like there's quite a movement in favor of the Oxford comma. We'll just have to be renegades!


Apparently, the Oxford comma wasn't really dropped--it wasn't dropped from the style guide, but rather, apparently it was dropped from a different guide (probably for some sort of specific technical writing, I have lost the detail on that).



This is a travesty, a mockery, and a sham!

book publishing

And I agree!

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