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20 June 2011


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Wendi Gratz

Huh. I read the article by the Go the F*** to Sleep. Forget about the expletives - does he really, honestly think the book is a parody of his book alone? Does he really not know that there are HUNDREDS of books featuring sleepy animal parents trying to get their baby animals to sleep? His book might be lovely but it's not - by any stretch of the imagination - unique in any way. Wow.


Right? Having read a whole lot of picture books in my time, that was my assumption -- but then I haven't read either of these, so I figured that I wouldn't rail about the silliness of his claim without double-checking.

But I also assumed that if it'll been a remotely pointed parody, someone in the kidlit blogosphere would've picked up on it, so I felt pretty safe in mentally rolling my eyes.


Exactly what Wendi said! Just looking at my daughter's reading log for our local summer reading program....out of 40 books so far, 10 of them have been about bedtime and almost all of them are similar. They rhyme. They are about "Look, these animals fall asleep just like you're supposed to be doing right now!"


I'm reading this after going through a bunch of bedtime poems in Jane Yolen's Switching On the Moon with my fourth grader, and I actually brought up this book to him when talking about the poems, many of which seemed to have the same basic theme. He thought it was hilarious.

I did call it "Go the BEEP to Sleep" so that guy can be assured I'm protecting my son from bad language, even if he is a boy and I guess able to handle it.


Aw man, I can't stand when people hate on True Diary! I teach it in my senior YA Lit class and I think it's amazing. I also can't stand when people condemn a book without reading it. I had a student refuse to take my class because we read Hunger Games, which a friend of hers had said was about cannibalism.

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