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27 July 2011


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Clementine Bojangles

It's not just you. Now that you've said it I can't unsee it.

But I'm still so excited to read this book it almost hurts.


Yeah, not a whole lot of emotion there...


No, not just you. She looks like a mannequin. Just by the picture I would think this was some sort of sci-fi story about android love.


Clementine: I'm right there with you! Very, very excited!


Yes, she definitely looks vacant. But . . .

I have read the book (!)

And I liked it at least as much, if not more than, Anna and the French Kiss.


Hooray! Glad to hear it.


Very Stepford Wives. Very.


Now that you mention it, she does look kind of vacant. But overall, I still think the cover is cute. And I REALLY can't wait to read it! So jealous of all the bloggers who already have review copies.


Kind of looks like Ashlee Simpson...AND vacant.

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