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06 July 2011


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That last guy was SHILLING for his own novel. SO. MUCH. LIKE. MADONNA: I just had to write this book, because there is NOTHING OUT THERE FOR CHILDREN THAT'S G-RATED.


Brian F.

The caller was pimping his book and nothing else. He was using the same tactics as the WSJ: making broad generalizations for the sole purpose of generating controversy and, theoretically, generating sales. It's not even worth it to get upset when people pull stuff like that.


All he managed to do on this front is ensure that if I ever see his book, I'll punch it in the face.


Thanks for posting these links!


There was the guy who just called to advertise his book, and the guy who called to complain about publishers who wouldn't buy his book - the only difference between them, from my standpoint, is that one of them has a book with a known title that I will now take special care to avoid, while the other one is a potential future minefield for me to come across (unless, of course, he never gets published).

The debate did get a little painful when Cox Gurdon was reduced to making helpless "crap, I can't figure out a decent argument that won't get me in deeper" noises halfway through, but she lost any sympathy I might have felt for her during moments like the one when she said she "pitied" Rainfield.

I like having a secluded little office that lets me listen to this kind of stuff while I work.


You could tell that MCG totally lost her train of thought about two-thirds of the way through. I thought Maureen Johnson was very graceful in refraining from a "Jane, you ignorant slut" approach to the whole thing. She makes a great advocate in part because her books are not at all on the dark and scary end of the spectrum that MCG fears.


P.S. If/when I see a review of a children's book written by a former L&O writer, I will run screaming in the opposite direction.


Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ditto.


I didn't think much of either of them, in spite of wanting to root for MJ. On reflection, maybe I should just ask myself how articulate I would be if interviewed on NPR. Answer: not very.


Ack. I don't even want to think about how inarticulate I'd have been. I suck at debate.

Maureen E

I'm listening to the MCG and MJ interview and getting totally thrown off-track by the fact that MCG says "litratuh."

Also, 12 yos are not YA--they're not considered YA by publishers or any librarians I've ever met. If a 12 yo is super precocious, then that's a completely different issue.

This whole thing is turning into a Giant Squid of Anger.


I thought the MJ/MCG interview was frustrating. When MCG said she pitied the author of Scars, I wanted to scream at the radio because Cheryl didn't tell MCG she didn't want or need pity. I wanted Maureen to be more articulate, like the teen who called in and talked about her friend who committed suicide at 16. I wanted the host to stop speaking to the teen callers like they were idiot children. And I hated both men who made the pointless calls.

I also wanted someone to ask MCG to stop pronouncing literature that way - so pretentious.

When I read Lauren Myracle apologized to MCG I decided not to listen to the interview. Maybe I should?

Liz B

Karen, Myracle's is one of the best out there. Basically, in a nutshell, the title is misleading. She apologizes for saying something specifically about Gurdon; she does not apologize for anything she says about what Gurdon said. Which makes sense.


Ditto to what Liz B said: The title is very misleading.

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