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31 July 2011


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Forgive me, Leila, for I have sinned! I have two university library books that my husband checked out for me on his indefinite-loan faculty card SIXTEEN YEARS AGO and they've lived on my bookshelf ever since. Here's the sick part: I haven't returned them because I still think I ought to read them before I give them back.


Dude, totally different! I think many people have a couple of library books that they checked out, like, 15 years ago. Deliberately stealing 'em -- sometimes with intent to re-sell -- is different.


There was a professor at my undergrad university who, when he retired, was discovered to have hundreds of library books in his house. He said he was "protecting them from the students."

Then there's a teenager who used to be a regular at the branch library my mom works at. He used to check out DVDs. He returned them on time, and there was always the correct number of DVDs in the cases, and the DVDs looked just fine, so no one noticed anything wrong for the longest time. It wasn't until patrons started complaining of DVDs not working at all that they figured out something was up. He was checking of DVDs, scanning the label side, printing out perfect copies of the labels (with the library sticks on them), sticking them to blank DVDs, and returning the cases with the blanks DVDs in them. I don't think my mom ever learned what happened to him, but they did manage to prove that it was him doing it.


Oh, the number of typos in my comment is unbelievable. So sorry, I blame the impending Monday.


And now Monday is upon us: Ag.

(Crazy story about the DVDs. If only people would use their powers for GOOD!)


Meanwhile, I freak out going through the little turnstile thingy lest the books which I just legally checked out somehow haven't had their spine thingies demagnetized, and beep, OUTING ME AS A POTENTIAL LIBRARY THIEF AND MAKING EVERYONE STARE AT ME.

Yes. I flinch as I push through the little scanner every single time.

You have to have some brass cojones to steal books.


I hate those things. I even get nervous walking through the ones leading into MY OWN LIBRARY.

Like, the one that I WORK AT.

Even when I'm not CARRYING ANY BOOKS.

Ondrej from James Patterson Book List

Book theft is nothing uncommon, I've fortunately never done anything like this before but people at our university regularly "fail" in terms of returning the library's property...


Sixteen years ago makes me feel better! This last week I returned a book that my boyfriend checked out five or six years ago from our public library. I found it on the shelf while packing, he said "whoops," and I took it back. I was a little disappointed that the librarian wasn't more amused; she just seemed confused and tired. It was still in the system, though!

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