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01 July 2011


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Sarah Rettger

That is the most gorgeous camp library ever.

(Not that I have much to judge by -- there was the bibliotek at Russian camp, and that's about it. Still, I stand by the superlative.)


I'm going to have to agree with Sarah, WOW, what a great library. Lucky kids (and I'll see if I have any extras kicking around that the guys might like).


I am so jealous.


I think it's fab to have a camp with tutoring/ESL stuff and a library too. We had music camp and math camp, but I'm still jealous over the library. THAT is an awesome idea.


Looks great. I'll look around and see if I have any books to send you before the summer is out!


Even though I am entirely aware that I hated camp, this is making me really really want to go to camp. (also I am not a 7-15-y-o male. details.)


Did you see the Mexican fiesta?? Twenty-four hours later, my face still hurts from laughing so hard. I adore that place.

Ms Lily

A camp for young boys? Does the library have the Percy Jacksons? If not, I'll be happy to donate. (You have to let them entertain the notion that they're demigods.)


That sounds amazing. What a cool place.


Ms. Lily, I feel like they have a battered copy of Sea of Monsters, but they certainly don't have the whole set. (Or the newer one, or the Red Pyramid.) Anything that you choose to send would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for the thought!

Electric Landlady

That's so cool!

I am currently glomming any and all used books I come across for (shameless pimpage alert) the Polaris Charity Auction, running July 15-17 as part of the Polaris convention in beautiful Markham, ON (end shameless pimpage) but if we have any left over afterward that would be suitable, I will definitely send 'em along! I like it when books end up in good homes and this sounds like an excellent one.


this sounds so great. i'll happily send some books their way! i'm assuming you'll take arcs too, yes?


What a great excuse to sort through my books! I will send a box your way. I run a summer camp program for sewing & fiber art and I know how welcome donations are and how thrilled the kids are to have new cool stuff.

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