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25 July 2011


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Cranky Sarah

Cleolinda's raptor version of the Lily Collins one makes it SO much more palatable: http://cleolinda.tumblr.com/post/7941613956/via-occupation-girl-massive-double-linkspam


Now that's a movie I'd go to see!


I happen to have insider info that says the Lily Collin's Snow White is the best Snow White.

Auntie M.

I'm weary of the kickass chicks with swords trope. Especially since the chicks always seem to have the muscle tone of petunia seedlings. Just once, I'd like to see a chick who looked like she actually could heft a sword against a determined man while wearing seventy-five pounds of armor. Those little twigs Kristen Stewart calls legs would buckle under the weight.

Why is physical violence the preferred alternative to the princess in the frilly dress?


The Kristen Stewart version just makes me wish there could be an awesome Alanna movie.


Lily, obvs.


I thought Lily Collins would have made a good Katniss.


I would like the Kristen Stewart one better if it looked like she had a neck, tbh.


Did you get an up-close look at that dress? It's a-mazing. Of course, that's the Julia Roberts movie, so who knows how much screen time Lily-as-Snow will get.


I haven't yet, but if the details on the skirt are embroidery, rather than just cool fabric, then... GOSH.

Brooke Shirts

Yeah, Kristen looks like her armor was fitted for someone larger. Where's her neck?

That Joan-of-Arc monobosom armor never looks flattering on anybody.


I like KStew's braid, but yes, that whole poster has a Joan of Arc flavor.


Am I the only one who thinks the tree on KStew's shield looks a tiny bit like a white pawn...just as in Breaking Dawn?

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