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26 July 2011


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Did Conspiracy 365 improve as the months went on? I found the premise interesting. I only read January and I felt it was trying to hard to appeal to younger readers (which, frankly, made the character somewhat less believable and vague), but would probably have kept reading simply to find out what happened next if I had been given free copies of subsequent months.


I haven't read it: The award was the first I'd heard of it, actually! I know exactly what you mean about the trying too hard to sound young problem, though: That's something that always made me twitch in the House of Night books.


That's the BEST Australia could do? Sure, the books are set in Australia, but that's about the only interesting thing I could find. Very poorly written.
Poor Australia. I hope there's something better for them in YA soon.


Interesting to hear about Conspiracy 365. I just ordered the first four months directly from the publisher because it looked like it was out of print via Amazon. With any luck this will give it a boost of attention here in the US of A.

I'm hoping it's not tooooo lame because I'm constantly struggling for what to give boys to read past Alex Ryder, Percy Jackson, James Patterson's stuff, and the Cherub series. Reluctant-reader boys, I mean.

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